My Very First Cyber War Kit

Since The New York Times exposed the Stuxnet Virus as a joint operation between Israeli and US forces, rumors of cyber war have reached a fever pitch. Countless bloggers and journalists do not need to look far to find hints of a potential Cyber Pearl Harbor. While perhaps sensationalized, recent conflicts in the Middle East and spats between hacktivists and corporations in the west demonstrate the real impact of this growing threat. The ability to cause massive damage exists.

The Syrian Electronic Army, a government backed hacker collective, reveals that these tactics are not reserved for the institutions and states with the most sophisticated resources. By leveraging common hacking techniques, from those used by Anonymous to simpler ones by hacker noobs, the conflict in Syria engages everyday citizens. Warfare has moved from desserts and occupied cities to Twitter, Facebook, Reuters, Wikileaks, The Pirate Bay and more. Regardless of the strategies or intentions, hacking for a common cause will only grow more frequent. These wars will be led by interest groups, religious groups, companies, and collectives, and people just like you!

My Very First Cyber War Kit presents the potential of this reality in a single object, which contains all the tutorials and software necessary for anybody to engage in simple cyber conflicts. The project is a single instantiation of the concept and it will not be mass-produced. My Very First Cyber War Kit demonstrates the idea that 20th century notions of geo-political power are quickly being disrupted by the exploitation of cyber vulnerability in an increasingly networked culture.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a cyber warrior? The real answer might surprise you. Computer hacking effects our lives more and more as our culture becomes increasingly obsessed with information technology. By following simple examples and instructions, even you can hack into Facebook accounts, spy on someone’s computer, or break into blogs.

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The kit covers:

  • Setting up anonymous resources
  • Phishing basics
  • Using Metasploit
  • Simple ways of hacking into social media sites
  • hacking into a content management system (CMS)
  • Simple DOS

And to reiterate just one more time, there is only one instance of the kit, and it will not be produced or distributed!

You can check out my thesis paper [here].

Here is my thesis symposium presentation: